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Services we provide

NEXXUS provides various services such as webhosting, Gaming Servers and Storage Cloud services


With our High End very cheap webhosting custom plans you will get YOUR data protected agains DDOS, Fault and Data lost with our powerfull dedicated servers and redundant backups

Gaming Servers

Our Dedicated gaming servers run on the latest and powerfull Hardwares on the market and you will be protected against any DDOS attacks

Storage Cloud services

We provide storage for your files. YOUR data is protected agains DDOS, Fault and Data lost with our powerfull storage servers and redundant backups


YES THE PRICES ARE THIS LOW! Contact us to know better and test!



Starting from 12€ Annually our webhosting will boost your business economically and competitively

  • Storage Space

  • 10 GB <-> 300 GB

    12€ <-> 120€

  • ∞ TB Data Transfer
  • On the Top Centos Web Panel
  • ∞ Domains that can be allocated
  • ∞ Email Accounts
  • ∞ FTP Accounts
  • Best DDOS PROTECTION on the market
  • SSL LetsEncrypt
  • Datacenter: France
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Gaming Servers


Starting from 3€ Monthly you can get any current game server on your hands!

  • CS:GO Server

    12 <-> 32 Slots

    3€ <-> 8€

    128 Ticket Rate!!

  • Minecraft JAVA and Vanilla Bedrock( Pocket Edition ) Server

    3€/GB of RAM


    30€/8GB of RAM

  • SINUSBOT( TS3 and Discord Music Bots)

    1€/2 BOTS

  • Best DDOS PROTECTION on the market
  • Datacenter: France
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Storage Cloud Services


Starting from 5€ Monthly your multimedia is always online.

  • Storage Space

  • 50 GB <-> 500 GB

    5€ <-> 50€

  • ∞ TB Data Transfer
  • View PDF/Images/Video Gallery
  • Multiple Link Shares
  • Desktop and Mobile Clients
  • Easy access anywhere
  • Powerful access control
  • Large File Support
  • Online Office Web/Mobile Apps
  • Datacenter: France
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Best Quality for you

Server Features


We offer you the best and simplest Game Server control panel, so you can have the best possible experience

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Your content is always online

Top Reliability

On the market since 2017, we have clients with us for more than 4 years

DDOS Protected

Our on the top DDOS protection(L2 to L7) protects you from any attacks

Quality Hardwares

We work with market leading brands that ensure reliable hardware and the best guarantees. Using the best that each partner has to offer, we implement the best solution at the best price

Redundant Backups

Your data is always protected againts any loss